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Expediting Service in Detroit, Michigan

Trust the couriers of Finish Line Expediting in Detroit, Michigan, to provide a comprehensive, fast, and efficient expediting service.

Put Your Business on the Fast Track
When reliability, experience, and courtesy count in a courier service, call Finish Line Expediting of Detroit, Michigan. We are one of the fastest growing courier expediting services in our region.

We specialize in package delivery, including delivery of medical supplies, industrial parts, pallets, and even small envelopes and parcels. We also supply high performance racing fuel and oil.

Package Delivery, Expediting Service in Detroit, MI

At Finish Line Expediting, everything we do is conducted in a clean, safe, and productive environment. We maintain open and efficient communication between customers and employees from start to finish.

Our Mission
Drawing on more than 25 years' experience and 6 years in business, we understand that without you there is no us.

Every day we strive to be recognized for our professionalism and good service. It is our goal to be courteous, prompt, and straightforward at all times.

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