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Package Expediting & Delivery in Detroit, Michigan

Finish Line Expediting in Detroit, Michigan, offers timely and accurately package expediting and delivery, and also provides high performance racing fuel and oil.

Expedite Delivery
We specialize in the expedited delivery of packages, parts, pallets, and more. We get your delivery where it needs to go fast. The range of items we deliver can vary from envelopes to a parcel that weighs as much as 26,000 pounds. Finish Line Expediting covers most areas within Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

Truck, Package Delivery in Detroit, MI

Fuel, Package Delivery in Detroit, MI

Our Other Logistical Services
Our services include local distribution, scheduled deliveries, local courier and cartage services, LTL services, and more. In addition to our delivery service, we also supply high performance racing oils and fuels.

Brad Penn Oil
We are the only supplier of Brad Pennbrand oil in Detroit. This product in particular is a green oil, containing more zinc than other oils, and it is only refined in the US. Although we specialize in racing oil, we do have a selection of regular car oils as well.

Dragon Fuel
Dragon Fuel™ is a high octane, high performance racing fuel. It is useful for both dragsters and race cars. 

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